When developing your website copy, the secret sauce is keywords. Include keywords about your businesses products or services multiple times throughout your website.

In order to be found among thousands of competitors, the website with the most keywords wins.

Here are other tips to help you write compelling website copy.

  1. Use a topic sentence at the top of each page.
  2. Use headers, summaries and quotes to engage users.
  3. Minimize paragraphs to no more than two sentences. Short paragraphs are easier to read.
  4. Use bullets when possible.
  5. Answer the WIIFM “What’s In It For Me.” Focus your text more on what you can deliver and the benefits to the client.
  6. If possible, use industry definitions at the bottom of each page to help with Search Engine Optimization.
  7. Duplicate key information on each page.

For Example:

  • Don’t use an acronym for your company. Use the full name. Instead of KCG, we use Kaleidoscope Consulting Group
  • Avoid using the first OR last name in bios. Use the full name. Instead of Mr. Smith, use John Smith.

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