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At Kaleidoscope Consulting Group, we offer nip tuck website solutions for clients looking to make small tweaks or revisions to their websites.

As website doctors, we can also completely transform your website so it’s modern, responsive and more user friendly.

What makes us unique is that we work collaboratively as a team to create compelling websites. We mix digital marketing with graphic design and website programming to give you a digital competitive edge.

Our graphic designers are trained to create compelling imagery, so we specialize in the overall ‘look and feel’ of the a website. Our graphics team ensures that your website looks good and graphically conveys your message.

Website programmers are trained in coding websites. Our website programmer uses the graphic designers creation to ensure that your website is coded to meet your specifications.

We use both a graphic design and website programming team to design, create and program your website.

When we combine those two elements with our marketing experts, we create a website that not only looks good, but also one that resonates with your clients and/or customers.

Our web development experts in Los Angeles truly specialize in digital media. We transform websites to ensure that you are able to digitally connect with your clients.
Sometimes your website needs small tweaks to update your design. We can take over website maintenance and management, organize how the content is displayed and ensure the website is mobile friendly. We may even recommend the addition of videos or social media integration to make your site more fresh and compelling.
Kaleidoscope Consulting Group has rescued multiple clients from small mom and pop website firms that have disappeared or left projects unfinished.
We can help modernize your existing web presence.

The Internet is the ultimate equalizer. If you invest in a good website, your customers can access your business around the clock.

Poor website design will make your company seem illegitimate and can greatly reduce your revenue impact.

An effective website will allow visitors to become familiar with your product or services. By having clear website pages that are easy to navigate, you build confidence with prospective clients.

Impact of a poor website design:

  • Customers view your business as small
  • Customers do not view your business as being credible
  • Customers may get frustrated and source a competitor
  • Possible revenue loss from poorly worded or designed websites