Get noticed.
Effective marketing will leave an impression on potential customers and enlarged graphics enable you to visually communicate the story of your business.
Go big when it comes to promoting your business by using large format marketing materials like banners & posters.
Your business has an identity and we help you create a visible presence. From beginning to end, Kaleidoscope Consulting Group wants to help you reach a wider audience with ease.
We develop creative that differentiates your brand while being relevant to your customers.
Many of our clients have benefitted from our expert-level banner & poster design services and continually allow us to handle their needs in Los Angeles and throughout the country.
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We are more than a web development firm. We are a full service graphic design firm in Los Angeles that can help you with banners, posters, trade show materials and more.

We create compelling designs that inspire and drive users to action. Our goal is to graphically transform your image with our creative designs.

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