We work with top Social Media Influencers, media content creators, and curators in the greater Los Angeles area across nearly every major social network (Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook –you name it, we are on it!).

We focus on causing action!

Here at Kaleidoscope we contract social media influencers across a wide range of interests, demographics, and psychographics.

How Do We Ensure Accuracy?

We have data that measures thousands of data points to understand who these influencers are and which demographic they reach to ensure that your message reaches the right social media audience.

Social Media Influencers are Perfect for:

  • Driving downloads
  • Creating buzz around events
  • Movie Premiers
  • Product placement
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand engagement

Social Media Influencer Cultivation

We curate social media influencers and maintain high quality standards on imaging, captions. In addition we vet social media influencers’ page content to ensure their social pages and content is brand safe and fits the look your brand is trying to maintain.

We love being your #1 Web Development, Graphic Design & Social Media Management firm!
Wishing you great wealth and luck in the 2019 Lunar New Year!
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Happy MLK Day.
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Happy first day of Kwanzaa.
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