Website Security

Google (The King of Search) is pushing companies and website programmers to implement a Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt their websites. Previously, companies that sell or manage online transactions were the only ones required to purchase the encryption that has https at the beginning of your URL.


Google is now recommending all companies implement this extra layer of security. As Google scans for website pages, it will now look for unique content and website security. In essence, Google will imply to your customers or possible leads that your content may be susceptible to an attack.

Starting this month, Google will place an alert on non-secure websites. Your clients won’t be blocked from accessing your website, but they will receive a security alert; which can create alarm and cause businesses to lose website traffic to their company sites.

The new https connection will add an extra security layer to help protect against hackers.

To prevent a warning frenzy, Google will roll out its warnings gradually over the next 6 months. Here is an example of the warning labels your clients may see while visiting your website.

This security change will impact small business owners more than large corporations that have in-house IT departments.